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Start with and idea

All good productions start with a basic idea. What is it you want to shoot? A short film, featured film, music video, demo reel, etc? Once decided, thoughts are organized and notes jotted down on paper, and the brainstorming begins.


Setting things in motion

Project Management

Time and resources are two things that always come up when making a video. Deadlines and ROI (return on investment) are often critical.


Screen Writing

A story needs a script… or does it? Even if your video has no dialogue and consists of an ongoing montage a script has to be written to define the visual story even if its an unspoken narrative.


Story Bording

Writing a production script is not enough. Each scene needs to be broken down into slivers of time/action that visually represents the story.

Project Development

Regardless of what you are wanting to shoot we are ready to make your dreams come to life.


Getting the job done

Collecting the Assets

You need a crew, You need actors/actresses. Location scouting, Equipment Inventory, and of course refreshments.

Set Up

Once on location everything needs to be set up. Camera need to be positioned, sound equipment adjusted and set in place, lighting calibrated to the scene, and much more. Our crews is well acquainted with this process.


Once everything is in place and ready to go our director will execute the creation of your dream; making it a reality on film. With a plan in motion and a contingency backup the development of your work will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Post Production

Closing the Deal



Someone once said “your film is only as good as the sound quality you put in it”. With that in mind we create quality audio from production to post-production. Whether it is dialogue, soundtrack, and even foli; each audio sequence is produced with the same care and quality.


Visual appeal is an important aspect of any film no matter what the type it is. Special effects and animation must fit the script and not take over the entire film. We take care to implement these effects to fit the project.



The editing process is highly detailed and requires painstaking detail to step through the footage and piece it all together. The costs and hours associated with this process, mostly depend on the complexity of the composition.


Once the project is complete the process of distribution can be handled through our team as well or through any of our affiliates. We can offer you the best distribution strategy to fit your needs.

So? Need Some Work Done?

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