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Oracle Entertainment

A Video Production Company

The Scale below is a summary of our competence as a video production company. The follow breaks down what the numbers mean.

  • 0-15 – We have been exposed to it and understand the lingo but that is about it.
  • 16-25 – We have basic knowledge of how to do it but are not experts by any means.
  • 26-50 – We have done this more than once and can do it again with reasonable competence.
  • 51-60 – Still not experts but, we not only know how to do this but, we have the confidence to be creative about it.
  • 61-75 – We can compete with some of the best freelancers out there.
  • 76-89 – Not quite competing with Holly Wood but darn close.
  • 90 – 95 – We are realistically good and can give Holly Wood a run for their money.
  • 96-100 – Do you believe in unicorns? We don’t

Our Story

Oracle Entertainment is a video production company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are very active in the localĀ film community and have won several awards for our work submitted to various local competitions.

  • Video Production 85%
  • Video Editing 90%
  • VFX/Animation 70%
  • Directing 86%
  • Sound Engineering 70%
  • Screen Writing 87%

The Men behind the Curtain

Jaime Maldonado

Jaime Maldonado


Jaime Maldonado, creator, owner, director.

Lawrence "Scott" Rouse

Lawrence "Scott" Rouse


Scott Rouse, Writer, Producer, Designer, IT Specialist